Freedom Hero T-shirts – Andrew Breitbart


Freedom Hero T-shirts – Andrew Breitbart


V-neck, cotton available and both Men and Women sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL)

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Want to express freedom in style? Then the latest Heartland freedom hero t-shirts are for you! Available in both men and women sizes, the modern, v-neck t-shirts are a perfect fit for Freedom lovers of all ages. Available in bright colors with some of your favorite freedom heroes including Ronald Reagan, Booker T. Washington and Andrew Breitbart. These shirts will stand out in any crowd.

You may recall a few years back when we debuted our original Freedom Heroes t-shirt line including Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Martin Luther King Jr., and Fredrick Hayek. Our original t-shirts were available in black with gray images only. Now, we’ve tailored our design right in time for summer. Our latest t-shirts will undoubtedly be a conversation starter among all of your conservative friends; and even your liberal friends, too! T-shirts are available while supplies last. Get your freedom hero t-shirt today and express your freedom in bold colors and modern style. T-shirts are also available at all Heartland events for a discounted price of $10.00. These shirts are a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe and they make the perfect gifts, too.

The unique color choices and powerful messages behind each image makes our new line of Freedom Hero shirts worth having! Don’t miss out on this summer’s latest addition to freedom and style – courtesy of The Heartland Institute. We hope you’ll consider purchasing, one or even all three of our latest designs. Help us keep the freedom movement alive.

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V Neck Shirts

Female – 2XL, Female – L, Female – M, Female – S, Female – XL, Male – 2XL, Male – 3XL, Male – L, Male – M, Male – S, Male – XL

Shirt design type (both men’s and woman’s):

V-neck, cotton available and both Men and Women sizes


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