The Obamacare Disaster


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The Obamacare Disaster

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Heartland’s Peter Ferrara had this debacle pegged from the get-go. LEARN THE TRUTH your local Congressman has only recently come to realize.

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This short book is a comprehensive review of the Affordable Care Act — an early appraisal of its likely effects that turned out to be quite prescient. You need this book to fully understand what most politicians and the public are only now coming to realize.

“The Obamacare Disaster,” written in 2010, is like a visit from the ghost of Christmas Future — shadows of what will be, but do not have to be, if we can change it. We still can. Obamacare can be repealed and replaced with far superior reforms. Heartland’s Peter Ferrara has many useful recommendations.

Part 1 of the book reviews the provisions of Obamacare and how they expand government’s authority over health care providers and consumers. Part 2 explains how Obamacare will lead to higher health insurance premiums and health care costs, which is already happning. Part 3 explains the comprehensive system of government health care rationing created by Obamacare — including how the law eviscerates incentives for investment and innovation in health care.

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October, 2010




Peter Ferrara

3 reviews for The Obamacare Disaster

  1. Arie Friedman, MD

    In writing this book, Peter Ferrara and the Heartland Institute have done what I would have thought was impossible. In 66 pages, they have presented a ringing indictment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) and its companion laws. In this book, you will find a comprehensive summary of the law, its unintended (and intended) consequences, and common-sense alternatives that have been on the table for years.

    As someone deeply involved in health care issues on a political and business level, I have spent almost every waking minute since March, 2010, working to understand where my profession is headed. On every single page of this book, I found new insights, new research, and new clarity. Bottom line is that we are headed for a true disaster for our health care, our economy, and our personal freedoms. The chilling nature of the changes are enough to keep one up at night.

    In regards to style, this is an immensely approachable book. I found the writing style to be extremely straightforward and understandable. The citations are impeccably researched and referenced. In fact, I was so engrossed I read the entire thing at one sitting. My fingers are still stained with ink from the pen that I used to underline and annotate (usually with phrases like “yes!” and “OH NO!”).

    I have ordered a full case of these in order to hand out to my friends and physician acquaintances. Moreover, I intend to carry my personal copy every single day until ObamaCare is repealed.

    For anyone who cares about their health and their country (especially you politicians out there), this is a MUST READ book.

  2. Kevin A. Barry

    Confiming what we expected, from a Bill forced through in the middle of the night, with much arm twisting and bribery, without a single vote of the “Other” elected Party. Of course many who passed this debacle were ousted in the mid term election, and if the Supreme Court does it’s job, the rest of this debacle will be history. This short book details the devestation in the wrongly named “Affordable Health Care Law” commonly called “Obama Care”

  3. Astute BookWorm

    Straight forward and to the point with the absolute truth and no spin. No doubt medical care will be and IS currently being degraded at major hospitals and medical centers due to the changes in the Insurance exchanges. Only the rich (Elitist) will get preferential treatment and proper medical care which used to be the norm, the rest will be selectively categorized for available approved treatment from your Insurance control board based on Age and bureaucratic rules. Not everyone will be included, some will not qualify or be able to afford necessary and critical medical care, hospice will be their only option. Thanks to that bimbo Nancy, majority of Americans will be buggered and forgotten (i.e. We have to approve this bill so we can read it to find out what it says, remember that one? Check on Youtube.) And as far as the other past reviews starting in 2010 from the peanut gallery, these morons are the ones that are biased in favor of a black man based on his skin color not for doing what is right or providing positive medical services for the American population of LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS. And yes, the aging population of American Citizens did help to build this great country not Obama! But Obama has nearly destroyed all private medical practices by the swipe of a pen and giving medical entitlements to NON-AMERICAN Citizens by providing amnesty to illegals which places a further burden on the American people, this is called SOCIALISM without consent !! Welcome to the New Change! The Hope boat left port long ago while you were sleeping, like it or not, shut up and eat your gruel COMRADES!

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